What is KidZone?

 KidZone is a children's' market and fun area within several of Jen’s Markets. Originally started in 2018, the KidZone had a couple of years off, and now is re-opening in February of 2023.   The purpose of KidZone is to create a safe, fun environment where children can learn entrepreneurship, marketing skills, money management and social skills.  The KidZone will feature a variety of fun activities, such as a book exchange, crafting fun, and facepainting.

 The booth space for children is free; they bring their table, chairs, set up as regular vendors and adhere to all vendor guidelines. Ages for participation is 7 - 17. Children under 16 must have a parent or guardian with them, we do not provide supervision.  All products must be made by the child, we do not allow food/drink products of any kind to be sold due to health regulations.  We do allow fresh produce/greens grown under a class room program (not backyard gardening.)

There are a limited number of spaces per market.  An application must be completed with parent/guardian signature.