KIDS!  Be an Entrepreneur!  Get crafting!  Learn new skills, make new friends, get a little money saved up!

The purpose of KidZone is to create a safe, fun environment where children can learn entrepreneurship, marketing skills, money management and social skills. Free classes for children/parents on market guidelines, ideas for crafting, set up, what to expect and more are offered by Jennifer McCafferty, owner of Jen's Market. Several classes have been given, including a class to the South Shore Homeschoolers.  Schools and groups can also request a class at their facility.  Our goal is to engage our community families, educate them on this learning opportunity for their children, provide the classes for the children to be successful and provide as many venues as possible to host a KidZone.  There are operational costs for KidZone which are currently being absorbed by Jen's Market Inc. We are actively seeking sponsors to help with these costs.

The booth space for children is free; they bring their table, chairs, set up as regular vendors and adhere to all vendor guidelines. Ages for participation is 7 - 17. Children under 16 must have a parent or guardian with them, we do not provide supervision.  All products must be made by the child, we do not allow food/drink products of any kind to be sold due to health regulations.  We do allow fresh produce/greens grown under a class room program (not backyard gardening.)

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