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                                                                  Join us at we do our introductory Markets at the Firehouse Cultural Center!  

                                                                              Third Thursdays   Next Market is  April 19    3 PM - 7 PM

                                                                                                            Seasonal October 2018 - April  2019

This Market is community and family focused. We will have several food vendors, so you can come shop and eat tasty foods on site, or take home for the family dinner.  You can meet with friends or business associates after work and sit on the porch, relax and have a beverage too.  We are gathering up new vendors now - stay tuned!

Shop over 30 vendors, grab a bite of food, pull up a chair at the food court and

enjoy the music. Adult beverages are available from the Firehouse

Cultural Center (donations accepted)

The KidZone Market is awesome fun!  The Firehouse Cultural Center has many classes

and programs for children, as well as adults.  There are many home-schooled children

in our area as well as 3 public schools within 2 miles of the new market!

We want to welcome this young talent and  let them experience entrepreneurship,

marketing and sales and money management.

Children ages 7 - 17 can bring their crafts, music and art to the market with no booth cost. 

(Do need to bring your table & chairs, and/or canopy tent).

Here's a cool idea for fridge magnets.

Be creative, use cookie cutters, odd shapes, stones and shells!